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I haven't received my tax refund yet. What should I do?

The IRS is sends tax refunds* in batches, and we notify members as their funds come in. If you’re waiting on your tax refund, you can track it by heading to the IRS’ Where’s my Refund? portal.

This portal is updated daily and will display the status of your refund. With a Current Account your tax refund will be available as soon as we receive it, up to five days earlier!

*A tax refund may only be direct deposited into an account that is in your name. This means that if you file a joint return, the name of the primary filer must match the name on the account. If a tax refund is directed to an account that is not in your name, it may be rejected and returned to the IRS.  No more than three electronic refunds can be deposited into a single financial account or prepaid card. If you exceed this limit you will receive notice from the IRS and a paper check refund.

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