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How do I add my Current card to Google Pay?

Your Current card is supported by services like Google Pay and can be added in a few steps: 

  1. Open the Google Pay app 
    • If you have multiple accounts in Google Pay, select the account that you'd like to update:
      • In the Google Pay app, at the top right, tap your profile picture or initials
      • Tap the account that you want to use to add a debit or credit card.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom and tap Add a card > Debit or credit card
  3. Use your camera to capture your card info or enter it manually
  4. If you are prompted to verify your information to continue, call the number on your screen for further assistance.
    • Note: The information required to verify your account for use with Google Pay may include the primary account holder. When linking a teen card to Google Pay, it's best to have both the parent and the teen present. 
  5. Find and enter the verification code that you receive.

You may find a small charge on your account from Google Pay after adding your card. This charge checks that your card and account are valid. The charge will disappear and won't affect your balance.

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