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How do I transfer money to my teen’s Current Account? 

You can manage your teen’s finances and set up recurring transfers to their Current Account right in the Current app! To transfer money to your teen’s account: 

  1. Tap the Transfer tab at the bottom of the app screen
  2. Tap Transfer Money
  3. Select the funding source that you’d like to use for the transfer
    • Haven't linked a funding source yet? Click here to learn how.  
  4. Select your teen as the recipient
  5. Enter an amount and whether it will be a recurring transfer
  6. Tap Confirm

If you’re transferring funds from your Current Account balance then the transfer will go through instantly. If the transfer is coming from a funding source that you’ve connected to, then it can take 3-5 business days for the transfer to process. Deposits made after 5 PM EST will begin processing on the following business day. 

As you continue to make successful deposits, you can be eligible for Instant Deposits. Click here for more information.

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