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How do I set up chores?

With Current, you can set up a list of chores for your teen to complete each week. Teens will receive an amount once per week, upon the completion of their chores. 

To set up weekly chores, follow these steps:

  1. Tap View All Accounts and select the teen that you're creating chores for
  2. Tap Weekly Chores
    • If your teen has chores already, you'll see them in listed here
  3. Tap Setup Chores and follow the prompts 
  4. Review the chores you've created and tap Confirm

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Payments for chores can be sent weekly on the day of your choice, but you can send a payment earlier if you'd like
  • You can still pay your teen or adjust their payment if they don't complete all their chores
  • Payments will be initiated as deposits from the funding source that you've linked to your account on the day that you choose. Standard ACH timing may apply to your deposit.

Your teen will see their list of chores in their account once they've been created and can mark the chore as completed once finished.

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