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How do I link a Funding Source to my Current Account?

You can link external bank accounts, or Funding Sources to Current in the app by following the steps below: 

  1. Head to the Account section of your account and tap Funding Sources
  2. Tap Add a Funding Source to start adding a new Funding Source 
  3. Select your bank from the list of options or use the search bar to find one. We use Plaid for verification, so you just need to enter the username and password that you use for your other bank. 

Note: Your name must be reflected on any bank account that you link to Current. If you experience an error message when signing into your account through Plaid, please contact your financial institution directly as they may have specific limits on where you can link your account.  

We recommend linking external bank accounts but you can link other accounts that support ACH debits and credits. There may be limits imposed by your bank, we suggest consulting with your financial institution if you are unsure if your external account is compatible. 

*Faster access to funds is based on comparing traditional banking policies and paper check deposits from employers and government agencies to deposits that are made electronically.

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