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Can I use my Current Account to pay bills?

Yes, you can use your Current card or account and routing information to pay bills online.

Paying Bills Via ACH Transfer

You can use your account and routing numbers to pay bills if ACH payments are accepted, like your phone, cable, utility, or credit card bills. Once the company you're trying to pay submits their request to us, the funds will leave your account within 1-3 business days

When using your account and routing number to pay bills, the funds have to be available in your spending balance at the time payment is submitted or it will fail when the company that you're trying to pay attempts to withdraw it. 

Paying Bills With Your Current Card

When using your Current Card to pay a bill, the payment will be run as a standard debit transaction. If the funds aren't available, the transaction will be declined and you'll receive a notification that it was attempted if your notifications are turned on. Although Current doesn't charge a fee for this, third-party fees may apply.  

You can also use your virtual card to pay bills in case you ever lose your physical card!

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