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What's Current Pay?

Current Pay is our peer-to-peer platform that enables our members to send or request money from others on Current immediately.

You can utilize it to find your friends, divide the expense of dinner, or instantly request money from a family member. You will receive a unique handle called a Current Tag to share your profile with others.

How does Current Pay work?  

You can pay or request money from friends and family that use Current by heading into ($) Transfer tab within the app and following the steps below: 

  1. Tap on Current Pay and search for your recipient. 
  2. You can search by their name, Current Tag, or by tapping the QR reader to scan their QR code. 
  3. Tap Pay or Request 
  4. Select an amount and a reason for the transfer (Optional)
  5. Current Pay transfers are drawn from your primary balance. If your balance on Current is not enough to cover a Pay transaction, you can choose one of your external funding sources to make a deposit from. Once that deposit settles, your payment will be completed. 
  6. After choosing an amount, tap Next to review the transfer 
  7. Tap Confirm 

If you're a parent managing a teen account, your teen will only be searchable by you, any co-parents that are added to your account, as well as their contacts that have Current.

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