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What are Savings Pods?

Savings Pods are a way for our customers with Basic, Premium, and Teen Accounts to save for whatever they want, whether that's a rainy day fund, a vacation, or even monthly expenses like groceries. 

Our Basic Account has one Savings Pod, and you can upgrade to our Premium Account for $4.99/month to create up to 3 of them. Plus, our Teen Account comes with a savings pod and a “Giving Pod” if they’d like to donate to a charity of their choice! 

Setting these up is easy, and you'll be up and running in just a few steps: 

  1. Scroll to Savings Pods, near the bottom of the home screen 
  2. Tap Create Savings Pod and follow the prompts to add a title*, set your goal amount, and add an image/description
    • If you have an existing pod, swipe to reveal the Create Savings Pod button
  3. Tap Done 

After creating a savings pod, you can fund it through your primary balance, a new funding source, or after depositing a check by tapping Add $ or move the money in your pod to other savings pods or funding sources by tapping Move $

  • You can turn on round-ups for a pod so your settled transactions will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be transferred into the pod when the transaction finalizes 

Note: Placing funds into your Savings Pod will move that money from your available account balance. For example, if your account balance is less than the amount you're attempting to purchase, we will not dip into your Savings Pod automatically. In this case, your card will be declined and you'll need to move funds into your account, then re-attempt the purchase.  

*Teen Accounts cannot edit the title of their saving or giving pods.

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