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Can I use my Current card at ATMs?

With your personal account at Current, you can conveniently withdraw cash at over 40,000 Allpoint® ATMs across the country without any fees. To locate in-network ATMs, simply follow the steps in the Current app.

  1. Tap the $ (Transfer) icon
  2. Tap ATM & Cash Deposit
  3. Tap Fee-Free ATMs to see in-network ATMs in your area. You can also tap Open In Maps for directions!

Do I have to pay a fee?

As long as you're using an ATM in the Allpoint® network, you won't pay any fees. If you're using an ATM that's out-of-network then you will pay a $2.50 Domestic Cash Withdrawal fee separate from any fee the ATM operator may charge.

What if I’m unsure if the ATM is out of network? 

First, check your app to ensure that the ATM you're using is in the right location. The ATM finder allows you to see which store or merchant the ATM is in. If you're still unsure, look for the Allpoint® logo/sticker on the ATM itself. As long as that logo is present, you will not be charged a fee.  

Can I add cash using an ATM?

No, you cannot use an ATM to add cash to your Current Account.

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