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Why haven’t I received a credit for my dispute?

Current operates under federal regulations, and depending on the type of dispute that is submitted, you may qualify for a provisional credit per the Regulation E guidelines.  This credit can be used during the course of the investigation. The following types of disputes fall under Regulation E:  

  • Unauthorized Transactions
  • Duplicate Transactions
  • Canceled Recurring Transactions
  • ATM Funds Not dispensed
  • Incorrect Amount Billed
  • Paid By Other Means

A provisional credit will not be applied to your account if your claim doesn’t fall under one of the reasons found above. We understand how frustrating this can be, and rest assured that we'll investigate your claim as quickly as possible! 

If an error is determined and the dispute is ruled in your favor, your account will be credited and you'll be notified via mail when the investigation is complete. If no error is found in your claim, you will also be notified via email upon completion of the investigation.

Current takes fraud seriously and our Disputes Team uses industry standards and research to investigate claims. Communication may be limited during the course of the investigation, but you can check the Open Disputes section of the Current app for any updates.

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