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Why haven’t I received a credit for my dispute?

When you file a dispute for a card transaction, we’ll start reviewing the case as soon as you notify us of the error. Current handles all card disputes according to federal guidelines. Under these guidelines, there are different types of disputes that are eligible for what’s known as a provisional credit. A provisional credit is a temporary credit applied to your account while a qualifying dispute is investigated. 

Under Regulation E, the following types of disputes are eligible for provisional credits:

  • Unauthorized Transactions
  • Duplicate Transactions 
  • Canceled Recurring Transactions 
  • ATM Funds Not dispensed
  • Incorrect Amount Billed
  • Paid By Other Means
  • Credit Not Processed By Merchant 

If the conditions of your dispute do not fall under any of these categories, it means that a credit will only be applied to your account when the investigation is completed and an error was found. 

If your dispute does qualify for a provisional credit, please note that if the end result of the investigation determines no error found, the credit will be reversed. 

Either way, we’ll always notify you by email as soon as we’ve reached a result with your dispute.


Under Regulation Z, a temporary credit will be applied to your statement which removes the disputed transactions from your owed balance while the dispute is under investigation.  In the event the dispute is won in your favor, the credit will be finalized and the amount will be removed from your owed balance.

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