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How do I reset the PIN for my Current cards?

You can update the PIN for your physical and virtual cards by heading to the Card Settings section of your account, selecting a card, and tapping Reset PIN. You can also call 1-866-589-3051 to activate or reset the PIN of your physical card. 

Remember, never write your PIN down anywhere and don't tell anyone what it is. 

Resetting Your pin in the Current App

  1. Tap Card Settings 
  2. Select the card that you’ll be resetting the PIN for
  3. Tap Reset PIN 
  4. Enter a new 4-digit PIN and confirm it by typing it again below, then tap Confirm 

If you've entered your PIN wrong too many times, you'll need to reset it as a security precaution. If you experience any trouble resetting your PIN after calling 1-866-589-3051, please contact us.

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