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How do I prevent a brand or merchant from charging me again?

You can block brands that you've shopped with in the Current app. To block a brand that you've shopped with:

  1. Tap on the last charge from the merchant that you’d like to block 
  2. Tap Block Brand below the receipt number. 

Once you do this, the brand will not be able to charge your card again and you'll need to unblock it to continue shopping with that merchant. 

If you’d like to block a popular brand from charging you in advance, like Uber or Amazon, in addition to contacting Current to stop the payment, you block them by following the steps below:  

  1. Tap Account
  2. Tap Blocked Brands near the bottom of the screen
  3. You can view your currently blocked brands or tap View Popular brands to view a list of brands that you can block
  4. Tap Block next to each brand you want to prevent from charging you 

To unblock a brand, head to Blocked Brands and tap Unblock, located next to the brand you'd like to continue shopping with. 

Note: Some merchants will try to charge your card multiple times or from other point of sale (POS) systems to get around being blocked. We advise canceling any recurring subscriptions in addition to blocking a brand in the app to reduce the risk of a brand pushing charges through. 

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