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How do I find my account and routing numbers?

To access your account and routing numbers, log in to the app and follow these steps:  

  1. Tap on Account
  2. Tap Account Numbers

Our issuing bank is Choice Financial Group, you should use this as the bank name if it’s required. If you have any issues with your deposit, please contact us

How to Use Account and Routing Numbers 

Your Account and Routing numbers can be used to send and receive funds from other banks or accounts. You can use these numbers to pay bills, receive a direct deposit from an employer or provider, or transfer funds into Current from another bank account you own.  

What is the voided/sample check for?

Sometimes an employer or provider will require you to provide a voided check or a sample copy of one to set up direct deposit. This will allow you to generate a voided/sample check that can be saved and attached to your direct deposit set-up with your employer or provider if necessary. 

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