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How do I refer someone to Current?

You can get referral bonuses by inviting your friends to join Current using the Current mobile app.

  1. Tap the Account tab of your account 
  2. Tap Invite Friends, Get $50 to find your referral code
  3. Tap Invite Your Contacts 

You and your friend will receive $50 bonuses once they open a Current Account through your invite link, or applies your referral code, and receives a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 within 45 days of account opening. Additional terms and conditions apply.

What's a qualifying direct deposit? 

A qualifying direct deposit is a deposit made by an employer or payroll provider by ACH deposit. Transfers from Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Square, Google Pay, Cash App, or similar peer-to-peer transfer services, one-time direct deposits (such as tax refunds), mobile check deposits, and cash loads do not qualify as a qualifying Direct Deposit.

Why haven't I received my referral bonus?

Here are a few possible reasons you or your friend didn’t get a referral bonus:

  • Your friend didn’t sign up using your unique referral link, or by applying your code.
  • Your friend didn't receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 within 45 days of opening their account.
  • We need time to process the bonus payment - we try to pay within 10 business days, but there may be unforeseen delays
  • Your account is flagged or closed and you are not eligible for a referral bonus

Will Current provide tax forms for referral bonuses?

You will receive a form 1099-MISC for referral bonus and other reward amounts exceeding $600 in a calendar year for existing users. 

How can I share my referral link?

You can share your referral link via email, text message, or any of your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Is there a limit to the amount in referral bonuses I can earn?

While there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, there is a $1000 limit on referral bonuses you can earn in a calendar year as a referrer. If you've hit your $1000 limit as a referrer, subsequent referees can still earn $50.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

You can find the Terms and Conditions for Current Referrals here.

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