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When will my Current card arrive?

It can take up to 7-10 business days for a card to be delivered via standard shipping. We also offer expedited shipping so you can receive your card within 2-4 business days!

How to Access Your Funds While Waiting for Your Physical Card

Since your Current card is typically delivered within 7-10 business days of being issued, here are some ways for you to access your funds and add money to your account while you wait for your card to arrive:

  • Add your virtual card to services like Apple Pay and Google Pay or use it to shop online
  • Connect funding sources to your Current Account to transfer funds to or from your account 

Note: Although you can add your virtual card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you cannot use it with our Current Pay feature. 

If you have a bank account that you can link to Current, you can still initiate an ACH transfer from Current to your bank so you can access your funds. 

If you haven’t received your card within the timeframes stated above, please contact us.

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