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How do I enter MrBeast's 2nd Giveaway with Current?

We’ve linked up with MrBeast again to give away a total of $20,000 to select Current members!

New and existing members that use the code BEASTBANK can send a Current Pay request to MrBeast's tag, ~MrBeast from September 26th - October 26th, 2021 for a chance to win. Plus, if you enter BEASTBANK, Jimmy will send you a dollar! 

Winners will be selected on October 27th, 2021, and will receive their prize within 10 days of being selected.

Are teens able to enter the giveaway? 

Yes, teens can enter the giveaway too! If you’re a teen and your Current Pay request is accepted, the prize will be sent to your account. 

When will I receive my dollar from MrBeast? 

MrBeast will send you a dollar within 30 days if you used the code BEASTBANK by November 10th, 2021. If you used the code BEAST during our first partnership with MrBeast, you’ll still get a dollar if you use BEASTBANK.

How will I know if I won? 

MrBeast will be selecting winners at random by October 27th, 2021. Your Current Pay request will be accepted within 10 business days of being selected if you’re a winner. 

When will I get my bonus points for adding a direct deposit?  

You can earn 5000 bonus points if you use the code BEASTBANK and receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more by November 10th! The bonus points will be sent within 30 days of your first qualifying direct deposit. 

Qualifying direct deposits must be made by your employer, payroll provider, or benefits payor by Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit. 

How do I order the MrBeast hoodie? 

After redeeming the MrBeast hoodie from the Points shop, we’ll email you a unique link to MrBeast’s website and a code that you can use to get the hoodie for free. Make sure to use this code when checking out!

The Terms & Conditions for this promotion can be found here.

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