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How do holidays affect deposit timing?

In the U.S. almost all funds being transferred between banks move through the Automated Clearing House or ACH, so when there's a bank holiday you may notice that funds you're expecting to arrive will show up a day or so later than anticipated.

The main reason for this is simple, ACH doesn't operate on weekends or bank holidays. This applies to all deposits that use ACH, including payroll for most employers, unemployment or disability benefits, and deposits you've initiated from your own 3rd party bank in our app.

Direct Deposits and Payroll

Your employer is ultimately in control of when these types of payments arrive. Many will expedite their payroll for the period that includes a holiday so you get paid earlier, but most will simply allow you to receive your pay the day after a holiday instead. Any direct deposit we receive is reflected in your Current Account the moment we get it.

You will want to check with your payroll provider or employer to determine their plans for dealing with paydays that conflict with holidays.

Unemployment, Disability, and Social Security

All unemployment, disability, and social security payments are issued directly by the government of your state and/or the federal government and also run through ACH. This means you should expect to receive these payments a day or so later than the holiday if your expected payment date falls on or before the holiday itself. 

3rd Party Deposits

Any deposit you initiate through our app using your linked funding source should be made at least 3 days prior to a holiday in order to receive your funds quickly. Any deposit made after 4PM ET before a holiday or weekend, such as a Friday night or the night before Thanksgiving, won't begin processing until the following business day.

Please note: This does not apply to funds transferred to your card through third party apps, these transfers go directly to your card, not through ACH, and won't be affected.

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