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How to link a co-parent

You can invite another parent or guardian to allow them to also fund your teen's Current card, add their own chores, and add an additional allowance for your teen if they choose. This is a great option for families separated by a variety of circumstances, grandparents, and many other variations. There are no limits to the number of co-parents you can have to manage your teen.

Finding a linking code

  1. Head to the Account tab
  2. Tap Account Management
  3. Choose the teen's account, then tap Link Another Parent
  4. Take the unique code generated in the app and have the second parent or guardian sign up and use that code
    • Please note the code is case sensitive, so be sure to note which characters are uppercase and lowercase

If you have more than one teen, you'll need to repeat this process for each one.

Using the linking code

  1. Head to the Account section of the app
  2. Tap Account Management and then Add an Account
  3. Select Teen Account and then select Secondary Parent as a role 
  4. Enter the linking code provided by the owner's account

Please note, giving second parent access to your teen does not give them the ability to see your account information or initiate any deposits from your account. They will need to link their own funding account and can initiate deposits directly from their own account. You should only add a co-parent that you and your family trust.

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