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How does credit reporting work with the Build Card?

When you use your Build Card, Current reports your payment activity each month to TransUnion, one of three major credit bureaus. This happens typically around the beginning of each month, but it can take up to a few weeks to see updates reflected on your credit report. 

What information do you report to TransUnion?

We report the following information to TransUnion as part of our monthly credit reporting:

  • - Basic account information (Name, Address, Date account was opened)
  • - Current account status (in good standing or delinquent) 
  • - Payment history

Where can I check my TransUnion credit score? 

You can check your score either directly in the Current App using our Credit Insights feature, or on TransUnion’s website https://www.transunion.com/

To check your score in the Current App, scroll down on the Home Page and tap “Insights”. From there, tap “View My Score”.

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