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How does the Build Card work?

The Build Card is a secured credit card that makes building credit simple, safe, and seamless by allowing you to build your credit history with on-time payments.

Fund your Current Account

The Build card draws from your available spending balance. If it’s low or empty, add money before you swipe. There’s no need for you to add to or lock away money in a separate account.


Swipe or tap your Build Card

There’s nothing complicated here - just swipe your card like you normally would. 


Outstanding balance increases along with Reserved Funds

We keep track of the money you’ve spent, and ensure you have enough money set aside in your Reserved Funds to cover the outstanding balance.


Pay off your balance with AutoPay

With AutoPay, twice a month we pay your outstanding balance for you from your Reserved Funds! If you choose to pay manually, you’ll need to make sure you do it on time.


Payments are reported

We report your on time payments to TransUnion to help build your credit history. A history of on time payments is one major factor in improving your credit score.


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