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Will I Receive a 1099 Tax Form From Current?

What is a 1099 Form?

A 1099 tax form is used to document non-work related payments you receive from a business. (For example, prizes or bonuses.)

Does Current send 1099 Forms?

You can expect to receive a tax form from us if the following applies to you:

  • You received a total of $600 or more from Current in bonuses or prizes within the 2022 year.

If this applies to you, we’ll mail you a physical 1099-MISC form to the address we have on file. All forms will be mailed out no later than January 31st. 

Do I have to request a form?

Nope. We’ll send you one if you’re eligible. Just make sure the home address on your account is up to date. 

When can I expect to receive my 1099 form?

If eligible, you can expect to receive your 1099 form within the first two weeks of February. 

There’s an error on my 1099 form, what should I do?

If you’ve received a 1099 form from Current and see an error, please reach out to our Support team by chat or by email at support@current.com

How do I file my taxes with the 1099 form I received?

Generally speaking, it’s best to consult with a tax professional, accountant, or the IRS if you have any questions about the 1099 form you received. 

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