Linking Your Teen to Your Current Account

Linking Your Child to Your Current Account

After linking your bank account to Current, you will then be prompted to link your teen. This ensures both you and your teen can interact simultaneously within the app. Don’t worry! Your teen won’t have access to your bank account or the ability to move funds from your Primary Wallet.

There are several ways to begin the process of linking your teen.

  • Has your child already downloaded the app and created an account? Awesome! Once they login they will be prompted to scan your QR Code in order to link to your account. 
  • Trying to find the code as a parent? No problem! You can find the link to send to your kid on the Current website. Once you’ve copied the link you can send it to your child on your desired messenger.

Note: if your child has not created an account they can do so by using the URL to link to the parent.

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