Linking a Second Parent or Guardian

Linking Another Parent

 You can add another parent in just a few simple steps on the Current app. To begin, go to your Home Page.

  1. Click on the icon of a person with a plus sign located in the top right corner
  2. Choose the option Link a Parent or Guardian
  3. Select which teens you want to add to the new Parent or Guardian. (Note: This is just adding a second parent it is not removing you.)
  4. All your teens will be automatically linked to the new parent or guardian, to unselect simply click on the name of the child you wish to remove and the new parent or guardian will be disconnected from this account.
  5. You will then send an access link to this new parent or guardian through text or email.

After you’ve successfully linked another parent they will have the ability to initiate their own chores and allowances.

Note: You can only cancel or edit chores and allowances that were created from your Current account.

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