How do I set up an allowance for my teen?

If you have just set up a Student Account you will see a popup that prompts you to set up an allowance for your teen.

  • Click on Set up an allowance
  • Next you will choose how to fund the allowance
    • From your Bank (1-3 business days)
    • From your wallet (instant transfer)
  • Next: Enter in the desired amount you’d like to set
  • Select Next to proceed to Scheduling
  • Set the frequency of the allowance (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)
  • Select your start date
  • Select Next to review the request before completion
  • After reviewing, select Confirm to complete the allowance

If you are setting up an allowance later on, you will have to go to your teen’s Spending wallet on your home screen

  • Click on Allowances
  • Follow the instructions listed above starting from the second bullet point

Follow the links here for a tutorial on how to use this feature on iOS and Android

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