What are the different account types Current offers?

Current offers two account types; Individual and Student Accounts.

  • The Individual Account is meant for person to person transactions. The Primary wallet given to all Individual Account holders features Current Pay, which can be used to send or request payments, as well as schedule repeating payments or requests. More information on Individual Accounts can be found here.
    • Please note; to use the Individual Account you must be 18+ years of age
  • The Student Account can be created by parents for their kids, and gives their kids three wallets: the Spending, Savings, and Giving wallets. Teens with Student Accounts get a physical debit card connected to their Spending wallet. The Spending wallet is where they earn money from allowances or chores. They have the option to transfer their spending money into their Savings wallet to save for a rainy day or work toward a goal! If they are feeling generous they can set a donation goal to a charity of their choice in the Giving wallet. More information on Student Accounts can be found here.
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