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How long will it take to resolve my dispute?

If you’ve noticed an error with a transaction and filed a dispute, you may be wondering how long it will take to receive the final result of your claim. The timeframe of a dispute can vary depending on the size of the dispute, merchant response time and how the investigation unfolds. 

Here’s a timeline of what takes place during the dispute process:

  • File the claim - You’ll reach out to our Support team to notify us about the transaction in question. We’ll collect all of the details we need in order for our team to review. 
  • Investigation - We carefully review all of the available information about your claim. 
  • Provisional Credit - Depending on the type of dispute, we’ll determine if more time is needed to continue the investigation and issue a temporary credit to your account. For more information about provisional credits please click here.
  • Merchant Review - The seller involved in the transaction has the opportunity to review the claim and respond accordingly. From here, they can decide whether they’d like to provide their own evidence or accept the claim and issue a refund.
  • Final Determination - Once we’ve reached a final result we'll be sure to notify you. You can expect to receive an email to the email address on file with your account.

Debit Dispute Timeframe

At most, Debit disputes may take up to 90 days to be completed. However, most are resolved much sooner.

Credit Dispute Timeframe

Disputes under Regulation Z are resolved within the remaining billing cycle, plus two full billing cycles. Here are some examples:

  • A dispute received on January 1st, would be resolved by March 31st, at the latest.
  • A dispute received on January 15th, would be resolved by March 31st, at the latest.
  • A dispute received on May 1st, would be resolved by July 30th, at the latest.
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